Buy our ganja ...Farmers wants Gov't to take weed from them


April 06, 2016
A ganja field
Maxine Stowe

... Farmers want Gov't to take weed from them

The Government is being called upon to bear some of the cost of planting ganja on the island.

Yesterday, Maxine Stowe, vice-chair of the Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association, said the State should provide money, education and training to small ganja growers.

"The Government should provide the input cost and seek to recover it at the back end," Stowe told THE STAR.

Included in the cost the ganja farmers want the Government to bear is that of fencing of properties. She said this investment would be similar to the State putting in place roads and water supply to support housing construction.

Stowe said, too, that the Government should ensure that it put systems in place to buy the ganja that is produced by the small farmers.

legal marijuana

Jamaica has established the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) which is aimed at fostering the sector's growth and development, and regulating the legal marijuana and hemp industries in Jamaica.

The April 4 timeline that was set for the start of receiving applications to participate in the industry has been pushed back because of the change of Government.

"The transition to a new Government has caused some delays in our getting the regulations that had been developed approved," the authority's chairman, Dr Andre Gordon, said yesterday.

The authority said that it had hoped that, at a minimum, it would have been able to release the application forms, eligibility criteria and price structure to potential licensees under Jamaica's legal cannabis industry.

Stowe is hoping that an announcement about the licences will be made by the middle of April.

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