One killed, two injured in Clarendon


April 07, 2016

The worst fears of residents in Hayes, Clarendon, were realised when a lone gunman opened fire on a group of men at a cook shop in the Hayes square, killing one man and wounding his two companions just after 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

According to a report from the Hayes police, Steven 'Sabbas' Salmon, of a Corn Piece address, was among a group of men hanging out at the cook shop when the gunman struck, killing the 30-year-old labourer on the spot. The two other men who were injured were rushed to the May Pen Hospital.

"Salmon died on the spot, while the other injured men was rushed to the May Pen Hospital and admitted in serious but stable condition," a policeman told THE STAR.

A resident, who requested anonymity because of fears of a reprisal, told THE STAR that the area has been tense for quite some time and Salmon's murder will trigger another round of bloodletting in Hayes.

"A start it start again, remember me a tell you this today. The man who they killed last night is just the beginning of more killings down here. Just wait and see," the female resident told THE STAR.

Salmon's murder, which pushed the Clarendon's Police Division's homicide tally to 35 in just the first 13 weeks of the year, comes a mere 48 hours ahead of National Security Minister, Robert Montague's, town hall meeting that will be held in May Pen today.

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