Shanique Myrie accused of beating American husband


April 07, 2016
Shanique Myrie

The estranged husband of Shanique Myrie claims that he was beaten by his wife, who is now facing charges in Harford, Maryland, for assault. She is to go to trial on May 5.

But yesterday, Myrie, who gained notoriety five years ago, when she accused Barbadian immigration of cavity searching when they denied her entry into the eastern Caribbean island, claimed that her husband was emotionally unstable.

Myrie was arrested by the Harford County police following an incident, which allegedly took place on February 26. Her estranged husband, Troy Pusey, alleged that Myrie has been fully abusive to him.

"He said I chased him down with knife, and I kicked him in his groin, and that I punched him on his hand that he did surgery on, and stuff like that," Myrie told The STAR yesterday.

protective order

Myrie was booked to attend court to answer the charges yesterday, but the hearing was postponed.

"He's just upset because I walked out of the marriage. That's why he's trying to ruin my reputation there. That's why he's doing what he's doing. I'm telling the media in Jamaica, do not listen to him," Myrie told The STAR.

Troy Pusey had secured a protective order against Myrie which states that she should not "abuse, threaten to abuse, and/or harass" him.

But Myrie feels she is the victim in the entire matter.

"I was picked up at the airport because I went away to visit some friends in Florida, and when I was coming back to visit my husband, I was picked up at the airport by police officers. They locked me up for two days. I was on US$50,000 (J$6,080,000) bail, then it dropped to US$10,000 (J$1,216,000)," Myrie explained.

Myrie is no stranger to the courtroom as she successfully filed a lawsuit against the Barbadian government for mistreating her on a 2011 visit to the country, and won nearly J$4 million in damages.

personal issues

The 28-year-old woman had recently announced that she will not be participating in the upcoming local government elections, citing "personal issues" as her reason for stepping aside.

According to her husband, who is a health worker in the US, he has taken her before the courts because he wants to discipline her for the wrong she has done him.

He said he met Myrie on popular social media site, Facebook, and a relationship blossomed into a marriage just over three years ago.

"From there, I thought it was the bomb. She was a little bit spicy, but never abusive. She was like the nicest person I'd ever seen," Pusey said.

However, he claims Myrie's attitude changed drastically after he filed for her, and she received a green card.

"When she came up here with me, her mind was not in the marriage, her mind was in Jamaica. She wanted to go back home, saying she don't like it here. We always have arguments," he said.

very disappointed

Myrie, meanwhile, said her husband is creating false stories to implicate her in wrongdoing because she recently walked away from the marriage.

"I've been married to this man for three years and I'm very disappointed in him for really trying to mess up my reputation.

That's what he's going after, to make me look bad in Jamaica's eyes because he knows that I'm well known in Jamaica. He's trying to put me down to the ground, which he can't, because I'm stronger than that," she said.

The estranged couple confirmed that a divorce is in order.

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