Wanted man sends death threats to cops


April 09, 2016
Assistant Commissioner Derrick Knight

Duppy Film, the man police say is responsible for driving fear in the hearts of people in St Thomas, is reportedly sending text messages to lawmen, promising to kill them.

"Whatever it takes to get him, if I have to sleep in Yallahs, if I have to sleep in my car, we will do that. We can't have a man going around and holding the community hostage," Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick 'Cowboy' Knight said.

According to Knight, Duppy Film, whose real name is Marlon Perry, has been sending text messages to policemen in the parish.

Perry is wanted for the murder of two policemen who were shot and killed in Poor Man's Corner last December.

Prior to the shooting of the cops, Perry was listed as wanted by the St Thomas police in connection with murders and shootings in the parish. Knight, speaking at a community meeting in Yallahs on Thursday, said many of the residents there have sentiments towards the wanted man.

"They are related to him and they see him as a Robin Hood," Knight said.

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