Tufton to improve Oral Health policies


April 11, 2016

Minister of Health, Dr Christopher Tufton, plans to further develop oral health policies in a bid to improve these services to the public.

"There are several strategies and policies I would like to see articulated and practised as it relates to oral health care. Among them is to ensure that we partner with the private sector like Colgate, Kirk Distributors and others to encourage prevention even before we get to cure," Tufton said.

Tufton was speaking at the re-launch of the Colgate Mobile Dental unit at the Union Gardens Infant School last Thursday. He also highlighted the Ministry of Health's provision of infrastructure, equipment, guidelines, and the environment for good oral health practices as key factors in improving this area.

"Where preventative methods fail, the public health system goes into providing dental care and will have to partner to do more complicated dental procedures to assist those who need them." The minister also said that his target is to have at least three mobile units - one for each county - to be acquired through partnerships with the private sector".

Tufton reminded everyone that "good oral health is everybody's business and it affects the health and well-being of our country."

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