Unruly J'cans make us look bad ...Yardies in Trinidad disappointed in countrymen


April 12, 2016
File The Jamaican flag

... Yardies in Trinidad

disappointed in countrymen

Some Jamaicans who have benefited from living and working in Trinidad are complaining that a few bad behaving Jamaicans currently living in the twin-island republic are making things difficult for other Jamaicans, especially those wishing to enter the country.

"I see some Jamaicans go over there and them behave some way. The same dirty behaviour they have here [In Jamaica], they go over there [Trinidad] with it," said Karen Adams*, a 35-year-old Jamaican who has been working in Trinidad since 2014.

Last month, a dozen Jamaicans were denied entry into Trinidad. Trinidad authorities later said entry was denied because they were "deemed likely to become charges on public funds."

Although it hasn't been a bed of roses, Adams says there are grand opportunities for Jamaicans in Trinidad, as persons can work in restaurants or as security guards.

However, Adams fears that unscrupulous Jamaicans might indirectly put an end to the life she has been able to build by travelling to the country.

"I know of Jamaicans over there and I feel like fi call immigration on them because dem behaviour terrible," she told THE STAR.

Another Jamaican, Jennifer Rowe*, who has been working illegally in Trinidad as a security officer for the past three years, echoed similar sentiments.

"The other day, I heard that a Jamaican went into a jewellery store to steal and the alarm went off and him jump off the high rise building and bruck him legs," Rowe said.

Both women say that it has not been a bed of roses. They also say Trinidadian authorities have the right to turn back Jamaicans, but stressed that the actions of some Jamaicans should not be used to judge other Jamaicans who enter the country.

* Names changed

- S.W.

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