Duppy Film eludes dragnet

April 13, 2016
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer A Joint police military operation in search of wanted men in a community called Crusher across from Harbour View St Andrew.

Raw meat, uncooked rice, condoms and items of clothing as well as two firearms have been removed by lawmen who today conducted a massive operation in sections of Harbour View, St Andrew in search of wanted man Marlon Perry.

Perry, known as Duppy Film, is from Yallahs St Thomas.  He is wanted for several crimes including the murder of two policeman in the parish last December.

During the operations today, a man believed to be Duppy Film’s colleague was found hiding at a church in Harbour View, St Andrew. His capture came hours after another man, also believed to be one of Perry's cronies, was killed in the operations by the lawmen.


Photos: Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer

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