Get back to basics ...Traffic cops says correct driving techniques can prevent accidents

April 14, 2016
Jermaine Barnaby/Photographer Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Allen

Head of the Traffic Division, Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Allen, is imploring motorists to employ basic driving techniques in order to avoid road accidents.

This advice comes after the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) released figures showing that 113 persons have died on the road since the start of the year compared to 107 deaths recorded in the corresponding period last year.

In light of these statistics, SSP Allen is pleading with motorists to use the lessons learnt when they just started to drive.

"I want drivers to go back to basics because these basics can save a life," he told THE STAR.

The use of proper steering techniques, utilising the car mirrors and also horns were some of the things that Allen recommended that drivers focus on.

Pedestrians were also encouraged to exercise greater caution on the roads as the Traffic Division and NRSC aim to keep numbers down.

"Not a lot of pedestrians are using caution in crossing the street, which endangers their lives and causes accidents," added Allen.

The use of cell phones and earphones by pedestrians while on the road was also berated by Allen, who characterised that kind of behaviour as unsafe.

Last year, 382 persons died as a result of road accidents.

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