Residents tired of stealing light


April 18, 2016
The company says residents in upscale communities also steal electricity but use creative measures.

More than 700 households on March Pen Road, St Catherine, will be paying for electricity they now consume free of cost.

The decision of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) to implement a 'Pay As You Go' system, also known as pre-paid metering, followed a move by residents who last week demonstrated against the theft of electricity by some of their colleagues.

"We have met with them along with their elected representatives. We have found a common ground to have the more than 700 residence, on our system," Oswald Smiley, manager for Jamaica Public Service for St Catherine, said.

Marcia, one of the residents who protested along the Spanish Town bypass twice last week, expressed satisfaction on the new direction.

"This is a great news to us, we've met and we are pleased with the way forward. This is legal light to us at last, no more running from JPS and police," she told THE STAR.

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