UPDATE: Suspect in Fireman Killing identified, being sought

April 20, 2016

The St. Mary police say they have identified the suspect involved in the killing of a Fireman in the parish yesterday.

THE STAR understands that the incident reportedly happened in Galina, St. Mary during an alleged argument the men were having about late constable, Shane Francis.

A licensed firearm holder killed Francis on Sunday night in White River.

The fireman, Kevin Bariffe, 39, who is said to be a friend of Francis, was stabbed to death on Tuesday.

THE STAR gathered that Bariffe and the suspect who is being sought were at the location when they got involved in a dispute and a knife was used to stab the now deceased once.

He was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Head of the St. Mary police, Superintendent Stephanie Lindsay-Clarke told THE STAR, “We have heard that the argument was about the deceased cop however we cannot confirm. He (deceased cop) was well known and loved by many. The fireman was a close friend to the policeman.”

The St. Mary police say this investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, the licensed firearm holder who fatally shot Francis in White River on the St. Ann/ St. Mary border, remains in police custody. 

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