Schools closed, residents flooded

April 22, 2016

As the unfavorable weather condition continues to affect the eastern parish of Portland several residents from varied communities have been affected by flooding.
Yesterday (this morning Friday April 22) there was a pile up of traffic at Bryan's Bay as well as West Palm Avenue in the vicinity of the C.C Bakery, as a result of the nearby Annotto River overflowing its banks- resulting in the inundating of that stretch of roadway, rendering it impassable to vehicular traffic.
“It’s been a long time since I have seen raining falling like this, “commented Barrington ‘shadows’ Hamilton a resident at West Street in Port Antonio.
“A bridge at Free school (Hall's Avenue), which was blocked by wood and other debris, overflowed leaving that stretch of roadway from the old railway station to the Roads and Work department of the parish council flooded. And by about 5:30am yesterday (Friday) vehicular traffic was diverted through the hills of Halls Avenue- exiting at Janga Gully near Boundbrook, “he added.
The inclement weather also forced the abandonment of a number of schools in the parish including Titchfield, Port Antonio high, Port Antonio Primary, Hill Preparatory, Boundbrook Primary, Drapers All Age, and Fellowship Primary and Junior high.
The closure of the above named schools is as a result of a majority of students and teachers being unable to secure public transport to travel due to the temporary abandonment of several roadways, which were inundated and deemed impassable to vehicular traffic.
And one resident of Fellowship, Maxine Brown, who was trapped in her house for several hours, after rising water inundated her property, said that she is fearful that her house could be adversely affected by the inclement weather.
“Water was everywhere and I was so scared, “she said.
“All my furniture and electrical appliance including sofa, beds, television sets, refrigerator, DVD player, stereo, and clothes iron were damaged.  Should this continue for the next day or so, we must dead, “she added.
 Meanwhile Councilor for the Fellowship division Benny White said that residents from Fellowship and Berry-dale were affected by flooding, which is a repeated process whenever it rains.
“It's quite normal for flooding to take place in those areas, especially during a heavy downpour, “said the councilor.
“From time to time we carryout drain cleaning work in those areas, however it is always a difficulty, as with the nearby Rio Grande, flooding is always imminent whenever it rains for an extended period," he added.

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