April 23, 2016
School girl kisses her female lover

THE ST JAMES schoolgirl who was photographed kissing another female cannot be sanctioned for her actions, the school's principal has said.

A photo has been circulating on social media which shows the girl, in school uniform, lip-locked with another female, who was in casual clothes.

The principal told THE STAR that any student found guilty of bringing the school's image into disrepute could be suspended. He, however, said that the uniformed female in the photograph was no longer a student at the school which he heads. He said the child left the school more than a year ago, but did not state the circumstances of her leaving.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education told The STAR that its policy has always been that "we do not condone or promote sexual activity among adolescents, whether the behaviour is of a homosexual or heterosexual nature".

"Through the Health and Family Life Education Curriculum and guidance programmes, abstinence from all forms of sexual activity is emphasised," the ministry said.

The ministry said that adolescents found engaging in sexual activity should be referred to the relevant guidance counsellor for further guidance and counselling and external referral, where necessary.

"Where these issues are identified in schools, targeted interventions are also implemented to address the issue of the inappropriate sexual behaviour," the ministry said.

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