Phone repairman buys murder victim’s property for $35,000

April 26, 2016

A telephone repair technician has testified that he paid the man accused of killing a Chinese national $35,000 for two BlackBerry cell phones and a laptop, items prosecutors claim were taken from the Upper St Andrew home of the victim.

Silburn McCarty was giving evidence in the murder trial of Garfield Roper, which got under way in the Home Circuit Court Monday.

Roper is accused of killing Chinese businessman Raymond Wong Chen-Onn inside his Norbrook home on September 24, 2010.

McCarty told the court that Roper – who he referred to as ‘Gillie P’ – visited his St Andrew home on the morning of September 27, 2010 saying he had two cell phones and a laptop to sell him.

He said the accused took him to a minivan parked outside his gate and showed him a Lenova laptop and two Blackberry cell phones – a Bold 1 and a Bold 11.
victim’s brother

The phone repairman pointed out the laptop and cell phones in court yesterday, hours after the victim’s brother, Edward Wong Chen-Onn, identified them as the items taken from their Upper St Andrew home on the day of the alleged murder.

“Him never mek any price, McCarty said of ‘Gillie P’ as they viewed the items inside the minivan.

“But him say me fi gi him $15,000 ‘cause him waan fi do sup’n ... him say him would a link me back [come see me again],” he continued.

McCarty testified that he later sold the Bold 11 cell phone to a man he identified only as ‘Nicholas’, and the Bold 1 to another man he identified only as ‘Kirk.’

“What you did with the laptop?” asked prosecutor Maxine Jackson.
“I gave it to Taneisha and told her to check it out first,” the witness replied.

“A believe she did gi me a money for it,” McCarty continued.

He testified that he subsequently gave Roper another $20,000 for the items before he was taken into custody by detectives attached to the Police Flying Squad, who were probing Chen-Onn’s killing. 

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