5-year-old boy found naked behind grown woman ... Adult now faces 10 years in prison for disgusting crime

April 27, 2016
Gordon Harrison


Children's Advocate, Diahann Gordon Harrison is commending a fast acting parent who immediately reported her friend to the police after reportedly catching the woman sexually assaulting her five-year-old son.

The incident is said to have occurred in St Catherine last week, and Gordon Harrison said that if proven to be true, it is a reminder that there are persons in the society with "all sorts of devious motives that they would wish to direct at your small children".

Reports reaching THE STAR are that the 32-year-old accused woman, who is a family friend, went to visit the house where the child live.

The parent is said to have then left her child in the care of the family friend. However, the parent returned unexpectedly and found her friend engaged in sexual activities with her son.

It is reported that she saw her son naked behind the woman. The parent immediately reported the incident to the police and the accused woman was taken into custody.

Under the Sexual Offences Act, an adult commits the crime of sexual touching if he or she counsels or inciting a child to touch, directly or indirectly, in a sexual manner. The offence carries a maximum term of 10 years imprisonment.

"I think it's important that when matters like this are discovered persons be a part of the process. I am very happy that in this situation the mother was so quick to observe what was happening so that she can now be a part of the process in terms of giving statements, attending the court, so that this woman can be held accountable to what she did," Gordon Harrison told THE STAR last night.

She said too that a number of boys are being abused the vast majority of which may be unreported.

Gordon Harrison said parents can never be too careful as many times sexual offences against children are committed by someone known to the family.

"It's a very serious lesson for all of us. We have to watch out for our children, we have to be careful who we let into our space. We have to be careful who has access to our children. You need to be almost like a police officer over your children," the Children's Advocate said.

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