Police concerned as lottery scammers turn to black magic

April 27, 2016
Police concerned about reports that lottery scammers are drinking magic potions from human skulls.

With the police cracking down more and more on lottery scamming, players in St James, the epicentre of the illicit activity, have reportedly turned to the occult world to protect them from evil and law enforcement officers.

Some have been wearing guard rings, others drink from human skulls, and some are thought to be engaging in human sacrifice.

According to the head of the St James police, Senior Superintendent Steve McGregor, information received by the police indicates that some scammers have been visiting obeah men who are telling them that they can scam more money and live the high life if they make a human sacrifice.


McGregor told THE STAR the reports have also indicated that some scammers have been drinking weird substances from human skulls as part of occult rituals.

However, he said that while the police have not identified a specific instance of black magic being used to support lottery scamming, the lawmen are still concerned about persons engaging in these activities.

"We are concerned because we are not sure that they are aware of what they are doing. We are concerned that these cultish behaviours are creeping in. We have no empirical data to support what we are hearing, but it is obvious that there are some things happening in some very unusual ways in the parish that we are paying close attention to," he said.

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