Funeral home releases young Kemeisha's body

April 28, 2016
Kemeisha Butler

The body of eight-year-old Kemeisha Butlers has been released by the funeral home that was adamant it would keep it in its custody until $330,000 is paid by her parents.

"Lord mi can start eat," Kemeisha's father, Stephen Butler told THE STAR yesterday.

"I'm happy we as the parents can do what we want to do. We ago make arrangements to carry on with the funeral," he added.

Butler said he handed over $200,000 to the funeral home yesterday which then agreed to their demand for the young child's body to be sent to another funeral home.

The funeral home, which is located in Spanish Town, St Catherine, was contacted by entertainer Dr Love who told them the directors they were being heartless in their demand for $330,000. His intervention opened the doors for negotiations between the Butlers and the funeral home.

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