'Girl-on-girl dancing out of hand'


April 30, 2016
Foota Hype
File Ce'Cile
@Normal:Raine Seville
@Normal:Razor B
Girl-on-girl dancing is a developing trend on the entertainment scene.

Some entertainers are crying shame on a seemingly growing trend on the party scene, that of girls wining and gyrating on each other.

Recording artiste Razor-B, known for his raunchy dance songs geared at the female audience, said girl-on-girl dancing is tacky.

"Men should take responsibility for it because the ladies want to dance, but di man dem look like dem (and) 'fraid fi dance with them. I will go to a party with like 10 girls, but I can't dance with all of them. I'm just one Razor-B," he said.

Foota Hype, a popular selector, said on Instagram last week that it appears some women no longer feel comfortable to dance with men.

"This outa hand fi real, enuh. The nation lost star. It's like wrong a become right. Every gyal a tun lesbian. Some a dem not even realise it because them think it's the new way to have fun," Foota Hype proclaimed.

freedom of choice

However, other entertainers are not as vexed about the issue, and believe people have the freedom to party as they please.

Recording artiste Raine Seville says it is not an activity she would partake in, but she believes in freedom of choice.

"It's not necessarily something I'm supportive of, but everyone is entitled to live their life and party as they choose. There are some people who do it for the fun of it. They're just living in the moment and they're partying and having fun," she said.

Though seemingly tolerant of females dancing together, Raine Seville admitted it would be uncomfortable watching males dance together in a similar fashion.

"It would definitely be an uncomfortable thing to see. It might be biased to say that, but it's honest," she said.

Unlike Raine Seville, recording artiste Bad Gyal CeCile told THE STAR that she engages in girl-on-girl dancing with her female friends.

"Because something "can" be sexual doesn't mean it is," CeCile said.

"I myself learnt this was normal years ago when I was performing at a 16-year-old birthday party in one of the islands. While onstage, the birthday girl and her friends came on stage to dance with me, and I walked off feeling offended," she revealed.

"I was actually reprimanded by her parents for disrespecting the child on stage at her party. It was explained to me that to them it was normal," CeCile added.

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