Social media touched by story of homeless teacher

May 02, 2016

A post by Javaughn Taylor has been making the rounds on social media over the past three days.

The post which shows him sitting beside a seemingly homeless woman has garnered close to 8000 shares since he posted it.

But the woman beside whom he was sitting, was more than just a homeless person to him but his former high school teacher.

"For 2 weeks I've been visiting Portland to find this lady she is now a mad woman as people would say. She taught me in 8 grade inti science (Integrated Science) she was one of the teachers that stood up for her students when other teachers think otherwise of them so I left my number somewhere and told them if they see her to call me," he wrote.

And his efforts were not futile as he soon received a call that the teacher was located.

"Today I got that call and I hurry to Portland just to see her when I saw her my heart was fill with joy but when I walk up to her she to say "hi miss" she greeted me first saying "Javaughn Taylor what are you doing here?" My heart became so heavy I hugged her and went to the nearest shop and get her something to eat. I just pray that God will restore her health," the post read.

Since then many have been sharing the story of the former Science teacher and her kind hearted student.

And while many are lauding the young man Taylor, others question what could have led to the state she is now in.

"Jesus Christ a Miss Parks that?" one person asked.

"What happened?" questioned another.

"I know her.....she was a very good teacher.... I am so proud of you (Javaughn)..... Smh.....There's nothing impossible for God to do," another said.


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