NOA, JPS partner on jaw-dropping banner

May 04, 2016

National Outdoor Advertising (NOA) has partnered with JPS to reveal its all-new ‘Re-imagine’ campaign which kicks off with an impactful building wrap that covers the full side of the energy company's Trafalgar Road building.

Earlier in the month, JPS announced the Smart City Project initiative which will see JPS transforming the national grid to a Smarter Grid over time – a concept implemented mainly by first world nations that will facilitate remotely controlled streetlights, decrease in power outage duration, support smart home devices from anywhere, and a host of other benefits. The Smart City initiative is one of a number of engaging components of the 'Re-imagine Energy' corporate campaign, which aims to emphasise that the utility is not just about ‘poles and wires’ but instead invites all customers to think differently about their energy.

On a mission to get everyone talking about the new campaign, NOA worked closely with the JPS team and its advertising agency, OGM, to produce the enormous mesh that can be seen from both directions of the road. Featuring an image of a green electric car, charging via a wall socket affixed to the JPS building - the wrap successfully captures the attention of unsuspecting onlookers by using 3D in the form of an orange cable hanging independently from the building cleverly emulating a real electric cable.

The massive mesh stretches 100 feet wide by 25 feet high and weighs an estimated 160 pounds.  The socket is fabricated from aluminium and the electric cable is skillfully constructed with a water hose. With the support of the JPS technicians, who operated the transmission trucks required to erect the expansive banner, execution took one day with installation completed overnight - just in time to unveil for the early morning rush hour traffic.  

Vincent Slevin, CEO for NOA, said: “These inventive executions are groundbreaking for the Jamaican outdoor media industry. As a market leader in Out-of-Home (OOH), NOA is always happy to see first world standards in the creative use of our medium by advertisers and their agencies – of which this is an outstanding example.”

Banner conceptualiser and creative director Tishan Lee, Head of Marketing for JPS said: “The team pulled out all the stops to get it done just the way I wanted it and we were on site until the wee hours of the morning to ensure commuters could witness the building transformation in time for the morning peak traffic".

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