May 05, 2016
Shanique Myrie

Estranged US hubby claims ...


Popular figure Shanique Myrie was yesterday found not guilty of beating her now estranged husband, Troy Pusey, by a court in Harford, Maryland in the United States.

However, Pusey is convinced that she used obeah to win the case.

Myrie, who became a household name after winning a high-profile case against Barbados in 2011, was again dragged before the court in Hartford, Maryland, after she was charged with assaulting her husband earlier this year.

"He said I chased him down with knife, and I kicked him in his groin. That I punched him on his hand and that he did surgery on, and stuff like that," Myrie had told THE STAR.

substantial evidence

However, Myrie was yesterday found not guilty of the charges laid against her.

"He went on the stand and told a bag of lies, contradicting himself, and the judge saw him for the liar that he is," Myrie said yesterday.

However, Pusey claimed that he presented substantial evidence in court and is baffled by the outcome. He said he believed Myrie visited the voodoo man and paid out a hefty sum to swing the case.

"I had several [pieces of] evidence - the doctor evidence, the testimonial, and the therapy that showed that there was bruises from somebody who hit me. There was all that evidence and none of that evidence prevailed in court," Pusey lamented.

"I guess the voodoo man said rest the case," he said.

When THE STAR put those allegations to Myrie, she denounced them as ridiculous, saying her husband is "a special kind of stupid."

"What him a talk 'bout, obeah? I don't deal with that. I'm blessed, so tell him don't get it twisted. Nothing to me like my father God. I pray that God has mercy on him," Myrie said.

Myrie and Pusey got married in 2013, after meeting on popular social media site, Facebook. However, the marriage went sour and Myrie walked out.

Since then, the 28-year-old Myrie said her estranged husband has been trying to wreak havoc in her life by defaming her.

Myrie said she initially considered suing her husband, but has now decided against it, saying she just wants to move on with her life.

A divorce is in order for the two and Myrie is relieved at the prospects.

"It's a joy getting away from him. It's a joy getting a divorce. I'm so sorry for the next girl he dates because he's crazy," she said.

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