Parents died 13 days apart ... Sisters vow to reach for success in their honour

May 05, 2016
Norman Grindley/Chief Photographer Iris Bailey (left) and Angella Bailey, loss both parents over a 13-day period.

Imagine losing both of your parents within a span of 13 days. Well, that is the heartbreaking reality that confronted Angella Bailey, 25, and Iris Bailey, 20, in March of this year.

Their dad, Stephen Bailey, died on March 10 at age 49, and while preparations were being made for his funeral, their mother, Judith Ann Marie Thomas-Bailey, 42, died suddenly.

"Words can't begin to explain," Angella told THE STAR.

"When my father died, my mom, my younger brother and I were basically doing the running up and down. My mother, being his wife, was the main person making all the arrangements. The day before she passed, we sat down writing my dad's eulogy, then I got a call that Mommy wasn't feeling well. She died a couple hours after being taken to the hospital," the elder Bailey said.




Naturally, the Baileys were distraught.

"When my father died, we were still in the grieving mood. Then when my mother passed, it was so shocking. We didn't even finish grieving for our father then this just happened. It was really devastating," Iris said.

While struggling to deal with the loss of their parents, the ladies have vowed to keep their heads high and achieve individual success.

Iris, who is in her final year of sixth form at Denham Town High, told THE STAR that she wants to become a mathematics teacher.

Angella has ambitions of becoming a registered nurse. She is currently a trainee practical nurse.

"It is my last year in school. My mother has always been proud of my achievements, so what I will do is continue to reach for my goals. Even though she is not here I will still make her proud," said Iris.

Angella recalled that she had one week's training left in her practical nursing course when her mother died.

"It was a nine-month course and I had one week left. It is difficult not having my parents around to show them my accomplishments, getting a job and looking out for them financially," said Angella.

The Baileys live at Chestnut Lane in Denham Town, Kingston. They said their parents would have loved to see the family remaining tight and the siblings achieving success.

Angella and Iris told THE STAR that their younger brother was taking their parents' death really hard so they have to be around to comfort him.

But their elder brother, Iris said, does not really show emotions, and thus it is hard to determine how he is dealing with the tragedy that has brought the family to its knees.

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