Man killed at hide-out spot

May 06, 2016
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A Manchester man who took a woman to a 'hide-out spot' in Bellevue Heights, St Catherine, was killed by a man who used the cover of darkness to attack him.

"The area where this man was killed is very dark and wooded," a senior investigator told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"There needs to be a more careful assessment of your environment. It is sensible to try and be in a place where one can see clearly as in recent times even police are attacked in the general area, so persons need to be very careful," the policeman said.

On Wednesday, Rohan Hoffenden, 38, a warehouse supervisor of Mandeville, Manchester, was sitting in his Mitsubishi Evolution motor car in Bellevue Heights along with his female companion.

The police said that Hoffenden was approached by a man who brandished a gun, which he fired repeatedly, hitting Hoffenden and the female.

Hoffenden and the women were taken to hospital, where Hoffenden died from injuries received. The woman was admitted in serious condition.

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