Special-needs children's moms get special treats

May 09, 2016
Contributed Cassandra Maxwell is all smiles during her mani-pedi at the St Patrick's Foundation Spa.
Contributed Ingrid Drummond is serenaded by a member of One Third, during her spa treat.

A group of mothers whose children have special needs were treated to a special spa day and celebration by Digicel, as a reward for their hard work, sacrifices, and dedication.

The mothers received manicures and pedicures, facials and mini-makeovers, and enjoyed an entertaining programme which included Rising Stars super-group, One Third. The mothers also got the chance to share their experiences and learn from each other, with a special sharing session hosted by Digicel's General Manager for Consumer Mobile, Wenise Davis.

Davis said: "Through the Digicel Foundation's extensive work with the special-needs community in Jamaica, we've found that some of the most unsung heroes among them are the moms. They are the ones who make the sacrifices and go above and beyond to ensure that their child gets everything they need to not only survive, but enjoy the best quality of life possible. Parenting itself is hard enough so just imagine the kind of work these moms have to put in to manage their special children! They're so deserving of these rewards and more".

"I don't want this day to end," shared Cassandra Maxwell, one of the mothers at the event. "It's so nice to get a break and be treated, and I've really enjoyed every moment of it."


like a queen


Another mom, Marsha Collins, said" "I feel like a queen today! I've never had a facial before so it was definitely one of the highlights for me. But overall, I really enjoyed this break, and I had a good time sharing with the other moms there too. For example, one of the ladies spoke about her son who is older than mine, and I know my son might start doing some of the things she spoke about, so I would say it will help me to prepare for dealing with him when that time comes."

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