Investigators believe... Party cop was murdered - Licensed firearm holder charged for policeman's death


May 10, 2016

Investigators believe ...

Party cop was murdered

- Licensed firearm holder charged for policeman's death

The St Ann-based party cop who was implicated in two shootings before his untimely death on April 17, may have been murdered.

Detectives confirmed last night that the licensed firearm holder who shot Constable Shane Francis in White River following a dispute, has been charged with his killing.

Tower Hill, St Mary resident, Kevin Forrest, the licensed firearm holder, was initially released from police custody following the shooting but has subsequently been arrested and charged with murder.

Head of the Major Investigation Division, Superintendent Dean Taylor, told The Star last night that Forrest was charged after his unit was called in to probe the matter. "The investigation was recommenced and following the collection of several statements he was placed on an ID parade and pointed out," Supt. Taylor said. "He was then arrested and charged and is scheduled to appear in court in St Ann on Wednesday or Thursday."

Taylor said investigations revealed that Francis was shot three times. He said he was awaiting the post mortem report before saying more on the matter. The post mortem was done yesterday.

Constable Francis had come in for much condemnation after it was revealed that he was implicated in two previous shootings. Information about the cop's past led to many persons taking hardlines in discussions about him.


It is theorised that a dispute over the reputation of the cop, who was on suspension at the time of his death, lead to the murder of a fireman in St Mary on April 19.

Up to the time of his death Francis was reportedly before the Coroners' Court for his alleged involvement in the shooting death of a colleague, Constable Sheldon Williams, in Ocho Rios in the parish in 2010.

And nearly a year later, according to police investigators, Francis was implicated in the shooting of a male patron at a dance in Paggee, St Mary. Francis was stationed at St Ann's Bay and had given 11 years service to the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Francis is the first of three cop to be killed since the start of the year.

Reports were that the licensed firearm holder and the 30-year-old policeman were at a party when they got involved in a dispute. Police said both men reportedly pulled their firearms, and the officer was shot in his hip and chest. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Last month 54-year-old Corporal Judith Williams died after she was shot six times in the East Kingston by thugs. Two persons, including a policeman, has been arrested for her murder.

And on Sunday night, District Constable Lewis Robinson, who was attached to the Lacovia Police Station in St Elizabeth, was murdered in the parish.

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