Student held with gun, ammo at school

May 11, 2016

An 18-year-old student of the Charlemont High School in Linstead, St Catherine, was arrested yesterday after an illegal firearm was found in his possession.

The Ewarton police said the schoolboy, whose name they have declined to release, arrived for school about 8:30 a.m. and, upon entering the premises, was searched by security guards manning the institution's gates.

The police said during the search, the weapon, a home-made shotgun with three 12-gauge cartridges, was found in the student's schoolbag. He was reportedly detained by the guards and the police summoned.

Upon the arrival of the police, the teen was taken into custody on suspicion of illegal possession of firearm and ammunition charges.

Up to late yesterday, the student had not been charged as the police conduct further investigations.

Just two weeks ago, the police arrested and charged two students from the said school with larceny, after two computers, which were stolen from the institution a few days earlier, were found at their respective homes.

That matter is still before the St Catherine Children's Court.

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