Cops following leads in Manchester shooting

May 14, 2016

The Manchester police say they are following several leads in the shooting of five alleged lottery scammers in the parish on Thursday. However, they are yet to make an arrest.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Hemford Wade told THE STAR that the five men were hanging out at Caledonia Court Plaza in Mandeville, Manchester, on Thursday night, when a lone gunman walked up to the men and opened fire, hitting all of them, then made a hasty escape.

He said the injured men are now being treated at the Mandeville Hospital and are believed to be in stable condition.

Meanwhile, Wade said the police are pursuing several leads into the identity of the possible suspect, but he declined to give further details.

When pressed about the men's involvement in scamming, Wade confirmed that he has been getting that information on the ground, but cannot confirm if all the men are involved in the illegal activity.

"One of them has come to our attention before as a person who we have on our radar as a person who is in lotto scamming, but we can't say if the other men are involved. We have to be doing our own investigation to see if that is the case," Wade said.

Investigations into the matter continue.

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