PLAGUED BY BAD LUCK ...Mother fights to save three-year-old daughter


May 17, 2016
Alan Lewin Photo Tianna Ken, has been diagnosed with stage-four cancer of the kidneys.
Contributed Lacie-Ann Gray and her three-year-old daughter Tianna.

Lacie-Ann Gray has been pregnant three times. She had a miscarriage with her first child; her second child died shortly after birth; and her third child has been diagnosed with stage four cancer of the kidneys and is fighting to stay alive.

Gray, 28, believes the doctors in the public sector have not been doing all they can to help her three-year-old daughter, Tianna.

"They tell me that there is nothing they can do for this child," a tearful Gray told THE STAR.

She said the doctors at Cornwall Regional Hospital, where her child is a patient, have refused to give her a referral to allow her to go elsewhere and access other possible treatments.

"I don't want them to do any experiment on my child. I want her to go somewhere else where they can look at her case and see what can be done," Gray said. "It is as if they are telling me that I should give up on this child. That is the way they operate."

Checked out of hospital

But Cornwall Regional Hospital told THE STAR yesterday that Tianna was a patient at the institution until she was checked out by a parent against the hospital's advice.

The hospital also said that it made efforts, but without success, to have Tianna admitted at a medical facility in Kingston for treatment.

Meanwhile, the rural St James resident said she has been to the end of the world and back, seeking help to save her daughter. She said that her personal finances have been drained, adding that even livestock, which she once reared, has had to be sold to help take care of Tianna.

Gray said Tianna has been diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, which is a malignant renal tumour of childhood with a propensity to metastasise to the bone and other organs. Scientists say this tumour may also recur many years after its initial diagnosis. The average age of diagnosis is two to four years old.

Mass in her stomach

Gray told THE STAR that she discovered that something was wrong with Tianna in 2014 while conducting routine checks on her. "I felt a mass in her stomach and took her to the health centre, and the doctor said she was OK," the mother said.

She said she insisted that Tianna was ill and took her to a hospital where tests were conducted and the cancer was discovered. Since then, the child has had one of her kidneys removed, but her condition has worsened.

"I believe that Tianna should be able to get tests elsewhere to see exactly what it is. This thing has come in the mouth and it is so surprising. They are telling me that maybe the cancer is in the blood now. I just don't know," Gray said. "At this point, I would just want her to get the help to go somewhere else so they can see what can be done."

Tianna recently stopped walking, but her mother said she has not been in pain. Gray said taking care of her daughter has been hard, but she is not prepared to give up. "I have lost two children already. My life has been turned upside down," she cried. "I am going through a lot; I really need some help. Sometimes I feel so down. I feel like this world is just not for me."

Gray has been taking Tianna to church and she feels that prayers have been helping, but she feels, too, that medicine will have to play a significant role in Tianna's healing, hence her passionate cry for help.

Can you help Lacie-Ann Gray and her baby Tianna? If so, you can call her on 839-3818 or you can contribute to account number 435222811 at the National Commercial Bank, Montego Bay Branch.

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