Hero can't rest in peace... Family seeks help for man who died trying to save others


May 18, 2016

Four weeks after he heroically dared a deadly blaze to rescue a mother and her nine-year-old son in the downtown area of Kingston, Everton Howard, who lost his life in the process, is yet to be laid to rest.

After rescuing two persons from a burning house on Church Street on April 19, Howard attempted to save Ann-Marie Green and her nine-year-old son, Jordon Marsh. However, while he was making his way into the fire to rescue the two the building reportedly collapsed on him, pinning him down. All three persons perished.

Residents have hailed Howard as a hero for his selfless act of trying to save the lives of the residents and losing his life.

Clementina Ritchie, one of Howard's sisters, told THE STAR that the family is need of help to send their loved one to his final resting place.

"I am hoping to get some help to bury him," she said.

Another of Howard's sisters, Barbara Burke, said that many persons have made promises to assist with the burial. However, she said those promises have not been honoured.

"I have left messages for persons who made promises but they have not returned my calls," said Ritchie. "We have not heard from anyone.

"Everybody has already forgotten that he had saved the lives of some people and lost his very own by trying to save others," said Ritchie.

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