Time running out on woman with heart condition

May 18, 2016
Alan Lewin Photo Sherita James is scheduled to have life saving open heart surgery in the United States.
Alan Lewin Photo Sherita James is scheduled to have life saving open heart surgery in the United States.

Time running out

on woman with heart condition

Time is quickly running out on Sherita James as she aims to raise $154,000 to go abroad to get surgery, which is expected to save her life.

James, who suffers from rheumatic heart disease, has been severely ill since 2013. She said that performing simple tasks such as holding her child for long periods are impossible.

"It was bad but since last year after I had my third child, I have suffered from excessive short of breath, a lot of pain and unable to walk anywhere long without getting very tired," she explained.

Rheumatic heart disease is a complication of rheumatic fever in which the heart valves are damaged.

The 32yearold told THE STAR that she needs open heart surgery to correct the condition.

doctors in California

Shortly after being told she needed cardiac surgery, James realized early on that she could not afford the costs of the surgery.

"I had basically given up when a visit to my doctor [William] Foster finally gave me some hope and he told me doctors abroad would perform the surgery for free," she said.

The mother of three was happy about being able to receive the surgery until news from the doctors in California told her would have to travel with a companion.

"Initially, it was hard to find someone to go abroad with but then I also have to find the money to finance ticket fare for two of us," she explained.

James told THE STAR that she is unable to fund the tickets which cost $77, 267 each.

"My family and spouse have been raising funds but it's not even quarter of what I need," she added.

The surgery, which is scheduled for the first week of June, may not happen if James is not able to find the money to finance her travelling.

According to her physician, Dr. William Foster, the condition complicates the flow of blood to the heart.

"The surgery she needs to get will her a valve in her heart which will arbitrates that blood pumping to her heart," he explained.

Foster also reiterated that the surgery is the only option for the St. James resident.

"If she doesn't get the surgery, she will die because the condition complicates her breathing and blood flow," he added.

James is pleading for persons to assist her as she seeks to travel abroad for the well needed surgery.

"Any way that you can help would be really appreciated, I just want to be healthy for my kids so they can have their mother," she added.

If you are interested in helping James, you can donate to the Jamaica National Bank account,10771872 or call 418-6197 to get in contact with her.

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