Benefit concert to be held for sick child

May 20, 2016
File Karmala Pitter with her son, Kavon Briffith earlier this year
Kavon Briffith

After spending more than nine weeks in hospital battling chronic pancreatitis, a disease which impairs digestion and is accompanied by severe pain, 11-year-old Kavon Briffith has finally been discharged and seems to be improving.

Since being diagnosed in 2014, young Kavon has been suffering immensely, his mother Kamarla Pitter explained.

"It mashing him up!" Pitter told THE WEEKEND STAR.

She further explained that he has been reduced to a feeble figure, as he had to consume all his meals in liquid form.

Although things are looking up at the moment, Pitter said it will be short-lived if her son does not get further treatment next month from specialists at the Ohio Cleveland Clinic overseas. This will cost approximately $2 million.

Over the years, Pitter, who is also an upcoming recording artiste with the stage name Queen Kamarla, has sold DVDs with her music to care for her son, but that cannot foot the cost of his impending bills.


With no help from his absentee father, Kavon, who is also an upcoming artiste with the stage name King Josh, is looking kind strangers for assistance.

Many have reached out to offer support and assistance to the ailing child after THE WEEKEND STAR featured their story last month. Both parent and child have expressed gratitude for the support thus far, and are imploring the public to reach out once more by supporting a benefit concert being put on for them.

The concert, which will be held at the Tony Spaulding Complex on Collie Smith Drive in Kingston on Saturday, May 28, is entitled 'Everybody Must Come Together', the name of King Josh's first song that he wrote when he was nine years old.

It is a fun day and stage show being put on by the Sizzla Youth Foundation and the Alligator Head Foundation. It will be hosted by Senator C from Sun City Radio.

During the day, children can enjoy attractions such as bounceabouts, popcorn machine, Amnesia (the magician), and hourly giveaways.

This will be followed by a stage show in the night populated by some of Jamaica's biggest acts, such as Sizzla, Queen Ifrica, Turbulance, Popcaan, Nesbeth, Warrior King, Elephant Man, Natty King, Mikey General, Queen Kamarla, Zah Brick, and others. Tickets to the event cost $500 for adults, $200 for children, and $1,000 for VIP.

Proceeds are in aid of Kavon's overseas treatment, which is scheduled to begin on June 4. Persons wishing to make donations can do so via their NCB account, Cross Roads branch, 234462083 or contact Pitter at 1-876-581-9775.

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