Alleged cow thieves for court today

May 24, 2016

Two men are to appear in the Spaldings Parish Court in Clarendon today to answer to a charge of unlawful possession of property, following their arrest recently along the Aenon Town main road in that parish.

The two, Omain Pinnock and David Anderson, were arrested by the Spaldings police who were conducting an operation along the Aenon Town main road, when a white Toyota Probox motor car was signalled to stop.

The police reported that a search of the vehicle was conducted, and a full grown cow was found tied up in the back of the motor car.

It was reported that when the men were asked how they came to have the animal in their possession, they gave conflicting reports. This led to them being charged with unlawful possession of property. They have been in custody since then.

Meanwhile, the police have received information from a farmer in Trelawny that the animal belongs to him. It is understood that the farmer reported that it was stolen from his property.

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