Chris Gayle threatened - Claims ex-billionaire believed rumours of affair with fiance


May 24, 2016
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Tallawah's captain Chris Gayle

Claims ex-billionaire believed rumours of affair with fiancEe

Jamaican cricketer Chris Gayle has revealed that he had an incident with the once mega-rich Allen Stanford, who felt he was losing his fiancEe to the hard-hitting batsman.

Gayle, in his autobiography Six Machine, excerpts of which were published in the UK Times, said he was warned by Stanford to watch his back.

Gayle claims he was not allowed to return to his home in Jamaica after that incident, so made a call to his lawyer to ensure what had happened was on record. "Who knows what an enraged king can call on in his realm?" Gayle wrote.

The incident of which Gayle spoke took place in 2008.

Captained Stanford Superstars

The Universe Boss was selected to captain the Stanford Superstars in an exhibition match against England, with the winners to pocket US$20 million.

As captain, it was Gayle's responsibility to present the players' requests to Stanford's liaison, Andrea Stoelker, who was also the billionaire's fiancEe.

But the billionaire felt Gayle had more than cricket on his mind.

According to Gayle, Stanford believed rumours that he and Stoelker were having an affair. Stanford eventually took Gayle aside during a practice match and warned him to "watch his back."

In the book, Gayle wrote the conversation between himself and Stanford.

"Are you having an affair with my missus?'

"What? Are you serious?'

Tek off mi shades an' look him straight inna eye. "Lissen to me. I'm the captain of the team. I have to deal with her on issues and matters."

"Bulls***. Don't burn your bridges."

"What bridges? There's no bridge to burn."

He's huffing and puffing, blowing heavily. A pink steam train, struggling up a hill.

"Watch your back."


"Watch your back." Huffin an' puffin.

"Relax yourself man. Relax. Chill."

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