Day-old baby left at KFC - Infant found with note in bathroom

May 25, 2016

A one-day-old baby was abandoned in the bathroom of a KFC restaurant on Sunday.
The mother left a hand-written note beside the baby in which she claimed that the new-born is a product of rape, and that she was unable to care for the child.
“Please, whoever finds this baby give to the nearest police station or hospital. I am unable to take care of it; not even pampers or clothes I am able to buy. I am a rape victim but I will not kill this child,” the letter, signed by Melaine M, read.
Up to press time last night, the St Catherine police said they were yet to find the mother of the newborn who was abandoned in the bathroom of the fast-food restaurant in Old Harbour, St Catherine. The baby, said to be in serious, but stable condition, is being treated at hospital.
The Old Harbour police said the baby was found inside a plastic bag about 8:30 p.m. in the East Street restaurant. Patrons who discovered the day-old infant raised an alarm and the police were called. Officers then took the child to the Spanish Town Hospital, where he is being treated.
Christopher Pryce, a supervisor at the restaurant, told THE STAR that he was shocked. “I always see this kind of thing happen on the news, but it was my first time seeing it in our environment,” he said.
He explained that a customer found the child and reported it to the security guard, who then alerted the police. He further added that the matter was dealt with discreetly
“It didn’t hamper the operations because a lot of persons didn’t know until the police came and took the child. It was so secretly done that nobody realised,” he said.
Pryce has since visited the police station to enquire about the child. “We were a bit concerned because we didn’t know the whereabouts of the mother or anything, but when I went back to the police today they said the officer, who was on duty at that time, was not there so we didn’t get any information,” he said.



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