Flooding reported in St Thomas


May 25, 2016
Ludlow Mathison ...It is careless to have the young boys swimming and not being monitored.

Up to press time last night, persons in sections of St Thomas were still experiencing flooding arising from heavy rains across the island.

Mayor of Morant Bay, Ludlow Mathison, told THE STAR that sections of Bowden, Port Morant, Morant Bay, and Lyssons, were all affected by heavy rains yesterday. "I can tell you that today [yesterday] in Morant Bay was a disaster. The water was very high. I think even the courthouse was flooded out again," he said.

Mathison added that sections of Lyssons were still flooded up to late last night.

He said he is making an appeal to the National Works Agency (NWA) to clean the blocked drains in the area, as he believes they are the cause of the flooding now affecting the parish.

Head of communications at NWA, Stephen Shaw, explained that a team from the agency was in the parish yesterday to make assessments, and any issues which were observed will be addressed.

There were no reports of any other disaster last night.


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