Orville wins stove at Maggi road show

May 25, 2016
He was beside himself - pinching himself often to believe it. And he kept on asking...'a me win fi true?....fi true?' Here he is, Orville Williamson, the winner of the Maggi Fortune Wheel Combo - A four burner gas stove, the main prize of the Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion which 'parked up' at Shopper's Fair, Burke Road, Spanish Town on Saturday. At left is Maggi nutrition adviser Nordett Morrison.

Have you ever had coconut cabbage that has been expertly flavoured with Maggi products?

If not, the next Maggi Mobile Roadshow and Fortune Wheel Promotion, which takes place on Saturday at the National Self-Serve, Shopper's Fair 7's Road in Clarendon, will give you an opportunity to experience the delightful taste.

Michelle Tennison showed up at the Shoppers Fair Supermarket on Burke Road, Spanish Town, St Catherine and Sunday, and she had more than good fun.

"I am pleased to taste the dishes, especially the coconut cabbage, spicy bean stew, vegetable rice, and the other nice things," Tennison said.

On Saturday, the Burke Road venue was a sea of activity as the third in a series of road shows rolled into the old capital.

Persons who purchased Maggi products got the chance to win great prizes, including a four-burner gas stive, a Coleman cooler, and one five-litre pressure cooker.

"I have been using Maggi products for years, and I am very happy that I am here as a winner of Maggie products and phone credit," said Sylvia Braham, winner of one of the many prizes.

It was a day that saw patrons being given various new dishes and products.

"This is our third of 16 stops, and we are finding it very rewarding. This is a way for us to say thanks and also to showcase our true potential in service delivery," Kerron Jarrett, project manager, said.

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