At-risk students taught steps to greatness


May 27, 2016
Contributed Basil Naar, CEO, First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union (FHC), emphasises his message of creating a large and positive vision for one's life.

Basil Naar, chief executive officer (CEO) at the First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union, grew up in Trench Town, but he told Re-Birth Project participants that his start was not a determinant of his future.

The CEO made his presentation during the behaviour modification programme, now in its third season, under the theme 'Respect, Responsibility and Restraint'.

Step one, Naar said, is to read aloud for at least 10 minutes each day to develop reading and communication skills. This will allow for an appreciation and mastery of the English language, which serves as a tool of expression, but importantly, the language of commerce, he said.

Naar went further to remind participants of their humanity, existing with others, and the role each plays not as just a citizen, but a good citizen. According to Naar, a good citizen acts in exemplary ways so that others can see and emulate. That trait was directly linked to his fourth point - responsibility.

He cautioned, however, that people do not have to acquire wealth or higher education in order to be responsible citizens. Responsibility, the CEO explained, is best exercised when persons make a conscious effort to understand others by listening to their views and respecting their right to be different.

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