May 27, 2016

Ten teenage girls were raped last month by robot tax operators.

Head of the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), Superintendent Enid Ross- Stewart, said that one person has been arrested in connection with an incident of rape that may be linked to a series of similar circumstances in the Corporate Area.

"For the last month we have had at least 10 cases of rape. These rapes were committed by men who drive white plate cars, reported to be unregistered taxis. The persons who were raped took them as taxis," Ross Stewart told THE WEEKEND STAR. "We were able to arrest one person, simply because the young lady remembered. She had the presence of mind to take the registration number so we were able to track the person. We were able to arrest this culprit and we are now looking at some of these reports to see if he is involved in more than just this one."

Ross-Stewart has also encouraged parents to make a greater effort in ensuring that their children understand that they should avoid taking unauthorised taxis.

"Remember that when you take these taxis, even if they are red plates, just take a quick glance. I just want the young girls to understand that they must be able to care for themselves. Parents, tell your children not to just take any vehicle, (avoid) the white plates," Ross-Stewart advised.




Earlier this month, THE WEEKEND STAR reported that a woman was forced to jump from a moving taxi in Portmore, St Catherine, after she was abducted by the driver.

"I took the taxi at the stop light in Naggo Head. There was a young man at the back so I went to the front. On the way to the mall, space was in the taxi for two more passengers, but the driver did not seek any. The guy came off at Passagefort and he didn't pay any fare," the woman recalled. "I paid my fare ($100) and told him I needed a stop at Burger King. He looked at me with a strange look. When I reached Burger King, I asked for my stop, he didn't. He passed where I wanted to get off and kept looking at me with the strange look. I asked a third time and he sped off looking at me. I jumped from the car and he continued driving."

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