Three males drown in St James

May 30, 2016


A leisurely afternoon swim for three males at a beach in Reading, Montego Bay, St James, became deadly when they encountered difficulties, which resulted in them drowning.

According to reports, the deceased males were seen entering the water late yesterday afternoon but they could not be seen after some time. A local diver reportedly attempted to find the bodies of the males when persons on the beach realised they had disappeared, but he was unsuccessful in locating them in the water.

However, members of the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard found them, but they were unconscious when they were fished from the water. The three men were confirmed dead at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay. According to a source at the hospital, initially, one person, who appeared to be unconscious, was brought in. He was later pronounced dead by medical staffers. The other two bodies were brought in later.

The identities of the three males have not yet been released by the police but THE STAR can confirm that they were ages 13, 17, and 20 years old.

- R.G.

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