Woman trim niece with machete

May 31, 2016

A St Catherine woman reportedly chopped off her niece's hair with a machete after accusing her of stealing her money.

The woman, Venecia Granger, now faces serious criminal charges as a result of the machete wielding episode.

Granger has been charged with assaulting a female, abduction and malicious destruction of property.

According to information read out in the St Catherine Parish Court yesterday, Granger, in early May, was ill and sent the complainant to withdraw money from her bank account.

Granger, having not seen her niece return, is said to have called the bank to check whether a transaction was made. She was reportedly told yes.

The court was told that Granger went in search of the complainant and located her in Kingston. She grabbed her, pulled her inside a motor vehicle and demanded that the money be returned.

Granger was reportedly not satisfied with the explanation provided by her niece. It was then that she allegedly took her back to Above Rocks in St Catherine where she was trimmed with a machete and beaten.

The complainant is said to have managed to contact her mother who then alerted the police.

Granger were subsequently arrested and charged by Constable Kirk Richards of the Above Rocks police.

She is now on bail and is set to return to court on September 2.

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