18-y-o man attempts suicide on May Pen bridge

June 01, 2016

A man who attempted to commit suicide in Clarendon this morning has since been removed from the May Pen bridge and taken to the hospital for treatment.

The man who is said to be 18 years old reportedly climbed the to the top of the approximately (15meters) metal structure threatening to jump.

The May Pen police say they were alerted by motorists sometime after 10 am. An investigator said it took over an hour to persuade the man not to jump.

The young man claims he has family issues and feels neglected so he was going to take his life.

Personnel from the May Pen Health department aided by the police has taken him to the hospital where he has begun receiving counselling and will be given medical treatment if necessary.

According to one police officer, within the last three years, four men have jumped from the bridge and killed themselves.

The officer noted that bodies of murder victims have also been thrown over the bridge in the past.

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