JUTC apologises after child who messed himself was removed from bus

June 01, 2016

Acting head of Marketing and Communication at the Jamaican Urban Transit Company,  (JUTC) has penned a letter on behalf of the entity apologising for an incident on one of their buses late May.

This comes after a commuter penned a letter to the Gleaner, stating her displeasure with the way the matter was handled.

"As a background, the incident involved the unfortunate removal of a youngster reportedly no more than age 10 from the bus after he apparently defecated on himself and the stench in the air-conditioned bus severely disturbed some of the passengers," Allen wrote.

"Unfortunately, the bus driver opted to remove the boy from the unit, instead of applying some more humane means of resolving the situation. This disturbed the letter writer, who penned her obvious disgust in her editorial contribution," he added.

Allen went on to apologise not just to the youngster but to the writer as well.

"To the youngster, Ms Anderson and all who were on board the bus and were perturbed by the removal of the boy in the late afternoon without consideration of his personal well-being and safety in getting home, the JUTC wishes to state that it does not condone inhumane treatment of anyone, more so a child," the letter explained.

"It is to be noted that while there are no stated policy within the company on how to handle such a development, there is indeed a policy requirement for our staff to always seek to extend courteous and helpful service to our clients, in this case, the commuters. We certainly do not think the best effort at adhering to that policy was displayed by our staff member on this occasion."

Allen further explained, that the driver now faces the consequence of his decision.

"An investigation has been launched into the incident, and the individual in question has been pulled from active duties for the matter to be resolved and the quality customer service which the company fosters and consistently strives for, is reinforced. Concerted efforts are also being made to establish a structured way of courteously handling such developments in the future," he said.

He also explained that the situation has now made it possible for the organisation to refocus.

"Indeed, out of the overall unpleasantness can come some positive outcomes, which, in this case will include a new focus on proper handling of any such unpleasant circumstances in the future."

He ended his letter by urging everyone to be more tolerant as these unforeseen situations can happen to anyone.

."A JUTC bus ride is supposed to be an experience, not just conveyance from one point to another, hence the need for greater tolerance and understanding of such personally embarrassing situations which, from time to time, can befall anyone of us," Allen wrote.

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