Risky riding killing motorcyclists

June 01, 2016
File This motcyclist puts himself and pillion rider at risk as they have overcrowded the motorcycle with goods while travelling along Marcus Garvey Dive recently.

With motorcyclists accounting for the highest number of road fatalities in the latest Road Safety Unit report, head of the unit, Kenute Hare, has implored bike drivers to desist from their risky behaviour.

To date, 164 persons have been killed in road accidents since the start of the year, motorcyclists accounting for 29 per cent.

Hare told THE STAR that most of the accidents occurred in the western end of the island.

"It's very heart-wrenching to note that majority of the persons killed are motorcyclists, all males, who have basically refused to wear their helmets.

"I was in Negril on Friday and it was pathetic what I saw. I counted hundreds of motorcyclists operating with impunity in the town," Hare said.

Hare explained that he observed multiple dangerous, illegal trends emerging among motorcyclists, including removal of the rear view mirrors and replacing the standard lights with blue lights.

"The headlights must be white, not blue. The indicator must be orange, not blue. Get rid of them. It's against the Road-Traffic Act. Why do you need a police over your back to tell you these things?" Hare questioned.

Hare said the unit will be continuing public-education efforts in an attempt to curb the soaring figures, and implored other road users to "do the right thing."

With July being observed as National Road Safety Month, Hare hopes to bring the numbers down to zero for the month.

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