'Attention him a seek' ... Mother of teen who climbed May Pen Bridge says he needs help

June 02, 2016

A distraught Clarendon mother is seeking help for her 18-year-old son who yesterday climbed the May Pen bridge and threatened to jump into the Rio Minho below.
Marsha Carney told THE STAR yesterday that she has done all she can to get help for her son, Dervent Neikle Jr, 18, who, she said is a troubled child.
"Me would a prefer him go a Bellevue [hospital] so dem can take care of him. Him nuh suppose to deh pon di road. Him need fi go a institution where him can get help," Carney said.
Dervent yesterday climbed the approximately 15-metres high bridge and threatened to jump. He stayed there for nearly  two hours before he was persuaded by the police and residents to get down.
 psychiatric evaluation
"He was uncontrollable from he was about 10 years old. I took him to counselling, and he has been through psychiatric evaluation," his mother said.
According to Carney, it is the fourth time that her son has threatened to commit suicide. She said he first did it while in primary school.
Asked how she felt about her son being so troubled, Carney said, "Honestly, I don't feel any way."
"Him get to me right now. I seek a lot of help. I do all that I can," she said.
"Me love him ... . Me say me nuh feel nuh way because is not the first him do it. Is attention him a seek. Him just want people to see him," Carney said.
She told THE STAR that Dervent had a fight with his younger brother earlier yesterday morning over a pair of shoes and she had to intervene.
"Mi go out there with a piece a hose to give him suppm and him go up di road and tell me fi go ... me madda. Dats when him walk go out a road go tek taxi and say nuhbody nuh love him,î Carney related.
She said, however, that the argument over the shoes may not have been the trigger for her son's action.
"Him girlfriend mus a lef him from Sunday night, suh him have it pon him head," she said.
Following Dervent's rescue yesterday, personnel from the May Pen Health Department, aided by the police, took him to the hospital, where he has begun receiving counselling and will be given medical treatment if necessary.



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