Government partners with US for maritime security


June 03, 2016

Minister of National Security Robert Montague says there needs to be increased cooperation between Jamaica and the United States (US) in order to improve the maritime and port-security environment.

Speaking at a port security seminar held at the Colin Powell Plaza on Constant Spring Road on Wednesday, the minister said the collaboration with the US is necessary to improve economic growth and to exploit the enormous possibilities that exist for expanding maritime trade.


Montague said Jamaica is cognisant of its vulnerability to various threats that originate from the international environment and that the countermeasures that are relevant will require the strengthening of efforts between the relevant maritime and port entities of both countries.

"The Ministry of National Security has directly taken the lead on several initiatives to promote port and maritime security, thereby ensuring adequate presence and requisite deployment of maritime law-enforcement bodies that fall under the remit of the ministry," he said.

These law-enforcement bodies include the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard, the Marine Police, and the immigration officers who, collectively, secure the nation against narcotics trafficking, illicit trafficking in firearms, threats to port security, piracy, immigration violations, and poaching of marine produce such as conch and lobster.

Other ministry-led initiatives include improving the capacity of port screens to screen for, detect, and identity firearm and component parts; and maintaining oversight for security systems that protect port environments.

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