15 years with no closure! - Family still hopeful missing female will return

June 06, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer Tasheika (left) her father Paul and her sister Jody, shortly before she went missing.
Ian Allen/Photographer Tasheika Moodie
Ian Allen/Photographer Tasheika' stepmother, Juliet Rothery-Moodie, talks about her disapperance.
Ian Allen/Photographer Tasheika' stepmother, Juliet Rothery-Moodie, talks about her disapperance.

- Family still hopeful missing female will return

Fifteen years after her disappearance, Tasheika Nadra Moodie's family still relishes hope that one day she will show and bring closure to something affecting them tremendously.

September 4, 2001, will never be erased from the memory of Paul Moodie, who has several theories about the disappearance of his daughter.

"Unuh a remind me again. Me loose offa her. Me school her and grow her and she just did that," he said. Tasheika would be 30 today.

Tasheika was a 15-year-old student of Donald Quarrie High School. She disappeared when her father gave her money to go downtown to buy a pair of school shoes. She did not return home.


"She went away with drugs and she did not return. She take offer from men in Tivoli Gardens. She tek the offer and go and don't return. She don't contact me or her mother. She and some other girls go weh, dem come back and she nuh come back," the father said, surmising that if during the passage Tasheika got held with the drugs, she would have done time and come back by now.

"Or it could be that she don't pass out back the drugs and dem cut her up and dump her."

Moodie has a photo of Tasheika that he always reflects on.

"I was such a good father, but children always want to have them own way, things like that normally reach them," he reasoned. "I would be so happy fi see her again. I don't know if she alive or dead. Right now mi nuh get over it. Everybody else (siblings) can call me and check up on me."

Tasheika disappeared a week after her father married her stepmother Juliet Rothery-Moodie. Juliet said she and Tasheika had a good relationship and the child helped her plan the wedding.

She showed THE STAR the guest book from the weeding, where Tasheika wrote kind words and affixed her signature. "I love You. I love You", "God Bless you both. Love Always", were the words she left her parents to consider in her absence.

Juliet said Tasheika wanted to become a teacher. "We have heard that she is in England but she didn't have a passport so it would be in someone else's name. If she ever showed up I would ask her why?" said Juliet. "We thought she was pregnant, she had a friend in Maxfield Avenue, Hunts Bay police territory and we went there with the police and search the place and didn't find anything."

The Hunts Bay police said investigations into Tasheika's disappearance have not turned up anything.


Jody, Tasheika's younger sister, took to Facebook, searching profiles in a bid to find her elder sibling. She was only 11 when Tasheika disappeared. "Sometimes I feel down because I know that we grow up close. Mi and har would be in the house and we cook and eat and laugh," Jody said.

Jody, Tasheika and her dad lived together at a house in Stadium Gardens, Kingston. Juliet would visit regularly and Jody recalled that they had a health relationship. It is for that reason that she was shell shock after Tasheika disappeared a week after Paul wedded Juliet.

Still believing her sister is alive, Jody holds out hope of reuniting with her someday. "If she is still alive me a go see har some day, even if she get old," Jody said. "Me want to ask her why she had to go away and didn't say anything to me or my father because we are that close. She and my father were very close. They talk about every little thing."

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