Residents catch, beat female burglar

June 06, 2016

Police were just in time to save a woman who was being given a merciless beating by residents after she broke into a senior citizen's home in Ensom City, St Catherine, and attempted to rob her.

The accused thief was held when residents rushed to the elderly woman's Plover Road home after hearing her shouting "thief, thief, help". She reportedly entered the alert would-be-victim's home after picking a lock to the house. Upon entering, she was confronted but threatened to do harm to the senior citizen who screamed for help.

"Help responded quickly, and the tiefing gyal was cornered inside the house as it was not the first time she tief around here," a male resident said. It was reported that the same woman had stolen $47,000 from the house on a previous occasion.

sound beating

By the time she was rescued by the police, she was already given a sound beating. "Lawd, Jezas, yu fi si how dem blaze licks pon har body. She bawl and scream like a baby, but the police dem save har," a bystander said.

Meanwhile, residents told The Star that Ensom City has become a haven for thieves who prey mostly on the elderly. "This was a nice community, but in recent years people are robbed, raped, and even murdered here. We need more vigilance from the police and residents to have more results like these," Melonie Browne said. The Star was informed that a security group will be working on an effective plan to help the police tackle the problem in the once upscale community.

The Spanish Town police said the female remains in custody on suspicion of housebreaking and larceny. Her name is being withheld pending further investigations.

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