2 days of roadblocks in North Central Clarendon

June 07, 2016

Schoolers and other road uses have been affected by a demonstration for a second day as residents of Mullet Hall in Clarendon protested for better roads for their community.

Scores of students trodded over the Trafalgar Hill just below Chapelton to get to school at Clarendon College, as well as the Chapelton All age schools.

Some teachers and other members of the administrative staff had to park their vehicles and complete the journey on foot.

The operator of a front end loader who attempted to clear the load of sandhead dumped in the middle of the road had to make a hasty retreat as he was threatened by an angry crowd wielding machetes and hurling stones.

The police in an attempt to get the situation under control also came under attack from the infuriated residents who demanded that  their Member of Parliament Pearnel Charles address them.

Principal of the Clarendon College High School David Wilson said the school has not been badly affected by the on going protests.

"A few students turned up for school late but that is understandable, we have not been severely affected just inconvenienced in some ways" he said.

Mr Wilson said his secretary has not come in as a result of being told not to brave the roadblock.

Meanwhile residents had to walk from Summerfield and other surrounding areas to Chapelton to conduct their business. Elderly persons going to the Chapelton hospital for treatment were also forced to make the journey on foot.

Other businesses have also been affected.

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