House, bar destroyed by fire

June 08, 2016
Ian Allen/Photographer Firefighters extinguish a blaze at a house on Oxford Street in Kingston yesterday. The three-bedroom house, which adjoins the Brown's Funeral Home on North Street, is believed to have been set ablaze by two children who were playing with fire.


An inferno, which was allegedly started by children who were playing with a lighter, engulfed a house and a bar at 77 Oxford Street in downtown Kingston, yesterday afternoon.

Scores of persons gathered as they watched the proprietors and residents of the dwelling make a hasty retreat, while attempting to salvage anything they could before the blaze spread.

THE STAR was on hand, and heard those on the scene asking about the fire department.

"Look how long dem tek fi come. All now and we call dem long time. If a did uptown a different thing, dem reach long time," said an angry bystander.


adjoining building


Moments later, a fire team arrived and began to combat the blaze which threatened to spread to an adjoining building which houses a funeral home.

When our news team spoke to the owner of the burnt property, Collin Campbell, he said, "Mi only hear say my grandchildren dem come home from school and was playing with a lighter and light the mattress. Mi nuh know how mi a go move on from this. Mi throw all partner fi do some fixing to the place and now this."

Campbell told THE STAR that he lived at the location with his common-law wife and grandchildren, a total of about nine people.

They only managed to save a refrigerator.

A total of two fire units responded to the blaze and performed cooling-down operations. The fire crew also took statements from the occupants of the dwelling.

A police team was also on the scene.

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