GANJA CANDIES HELP CANCER PATIENTS ...Doc treats patients with weed product

June 09, 2016
A ganja field

... Doc treats patients with weed product

Two young farmers have created a line of medical marijuana sweets, which is being hailed as a breakthrough for persons suffering from a variety of ailments, including cancer, chronic pain and hyperstress.

However, their progress is being hampered by what they call the lengthy waiting period associated with acquiring ganja license in Jamaica. They contend that similar products are widely used overseas, while Jamaica is lagging behind, to the detriment of the economy and ailing patients.

Jordan James, 22, and his brother, Brandon James, 20, both past students of the Belair School in Mandeville, have spent the last two years doing extensive research into the production and medicinal properties of marijuana.

The brothers, who hail from Ocho Rios, St Ann, said their interest in the medical properties of the plant was sparked by their mother who often turns to traditional herbal remedies to treat ailments.

"My mother always mixing up herbal remedies like guinea hen weed and so on. One day my hand was hurting me and she started rubbing one of her things on my hand then the pain went away! So, we started looking into it seriously," Jordan recalled.

The brothers devised a chewable candy line, containing various marijuana extracts, including THC, the component that is associated with giving ganja users a 'high'. That element is also said to help reduce pain, nausea, and depression. The candies come in high and low dosages of THC, which the brothers say are meticulously measured to ensure that they fall within the medically recommended realms.

active ganja extracts

The candies come in three flavours - lemon, green apple and strawberry. And the brothers explained that the candies have a pleasant taste as they only contain active ganja extracts, not the actual vegetative matter.

Medical practitioner Dr Jephthah Ford has been experimenting with the product on some of his patients, including those suffering from cancer, and has so far recorded remarkable results. He believes the brothers are spearheading a multimillion-dollar venture.

"I have a wide spectrum of patients that are kept on high doses of pain tablets. We heard about this product and introduced it to them and they all show remarkable results. They say they go into a little trance like state, and then the pain is not there anymore. They're able to enjoy life better. They feel more comfortable," Ford said, adding that some patients use it to relieve stress.

The brothers have also been introducing the candies to friends and family members who have given encouraging reviews.

Tamacia Brown told THE STAR that she was experiencing chronic back pains that disappeared after consuming the sweets.

"I took one of the light dosages ones, and it took about half hour to kick in. Then I started feeling a bit woozy and then the pain just went away," she said.

Ford said he was impressed with the results and has introduced the product to cancer consultants at the Hope Institute, who he said will begin trials with the product as early as next week.

With the reviews being good so far, the brothers say they have a huge vision for their product, including developing them in authentic Jamaican flavours and developing other products such as ganja candies to treat seizures, and ganja ointments, and oils.

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