J'can chef in 'hot water' after stabbing supervisor

June 09, 2016

A Jamaican chef has found himself in hot water with Italian authorities after he was recently arrested for stabbing his supervisor in the abdomen, causing him serious injuries.

According to reports from Italian newspaper L'Unione Sanda, the 31-year-old Jamaican man is now facing charges of attempted murder aggra reasons.

It is reported that the Jamaican chef, who has so far only been identified as 'OG', was a crew member on the Celebrity Constellation cruise ship. On the day in question, he started his shift at 5 a.m. in a seemingly intoxicated state.

The Jamaican chef was reportedly preparing breakfast with the head chef, an Indian national, when an altercation developed between the two, which escalated into a physical encounter.

A large knife was reportedly used to stab the head chef, who was admitted to hospital in Salerno, Italy, in critical condition.

The Italian maritime border police arrested the Jamaican chef following the incident.

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